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Drakkar The Head of Viking Boat Pendant Sterling Silver Unique Viking Ship Necklace


Original decoration, made in accordance with traditional drawings

The name 'Drakkar' comes from the words 'Drag' and 'Kar', which in Scandinavian means dragon and ship, respectively, as it represents a long vessel. The average length of these boats was 14 meters, with shields placed on its side and a strong carved head of a dragon, in honor of which the vessel was named, was rigorously decorated.

If you share our admiration for seafaring Viking talents, buy Drakkar Boat Pendant Head Viking Sterling Silver Unique Viking ship necklace
or similar pendant in a different style. The creation of this pendant involves part of the soul of its designer and every master who makes the products on the order of the client. In our work we use such classical methods as 'loop in the loop', casting, folding viking and so on.

We carefully monitor every item we make

Quality Drakkar Head Viking Boat Pendant of Sterling Silver Unique Viking ship Necklace of Viking Warranty and takes full responsibility for: responsibility. We never send a customer any product that can contain even the slightest flaw. For us, it's a matter of pride that you are completely satisfied choosing our store, you can and order the Drakkar Viking Head of boat pendant sterling silver. Unique Viking ship necklace in several variations, made from various materials. To Addition In the pendant we can this To It Full Description Also Full Description Suggest A full description of the ring depicting the prototype of the legendary Drakkar ships. Such a set will make an ideal gift for your beloved friend or an excellent addition to your personal jewelry collection!

Drakkar Head Viking Boat Pendant Silver Unique Viking Ship Necklace

  • Unique hand pendant
  • Made to order (you will get a pendant that is made individually)
  • Company box
  • CD-Bonus full of Scandinavian folk songs
  • 700 Free mm cord
  • Worldwide Shipping + Tracking Number
  • Thorough packing

  • Metal: silver 925, silver
  • Weight: Approx. 8 grams
  • Size: 36 x 30 x 2mm
  • One-sided pendant

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